Down the pub

It's been a long ol' time since we've been down the pub but we joined a friend for quick Friday afternoon drink in town. Behind us were a group of office workers getting ready for the long weekend (it's a bank holiday here on Monday) by getting drunk and lairy. Me and the hubby had to leave our friend behind to continue our day, but we later got a text message from him saying that the loudest girl in the group of people behind us had just projectile vomited across the street. It was 3pm. Class.


  1. ha! that perfectly sums up the friday before a bank holiday in london pubs... class indeed.

  2. Haha...That was agood one...Officegirls hold your horses...haha

  3. HAHAHA! Älskar't. Herreminje! Asså personen med bärs i näven ser lite suddig ut = som det kändes? =full ? ;) Tjusig bildkomp! trevli lörda!


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