Kitchen goodies

One of my first posts was about our collection of packaging from around the world and today I thought I'd show you were they all live normally. They sit on top of the kitchen cupboards never to be eaten...

Here's some music for you this weekend...
These are some of my favourite songs from the 60's,
man they were cool back then!


  1. Thanks very much... you flashed me back to my childhood music! Listening to your tips then from there to more.


  2. jag är impad av att du kommer ihåg sextiotalet, inte trodde jag du var så gammal ;) hoppas hubby är hemma och pussar på dig.

  3. joji55: so happy you like them! seems like '69 in particular was a great year musically... xxx
    sandra: :p

  4. we started a collection like that once! we only have like 4-5 things. yours is very cool! love all the eyes in the first photo

  5. omygod... i love the zombies one! i posted it on my FB page... thanks, i miss you...

  6. anon: miss you too, I keep meaning to make you a CD or two for your car but I never get round to it... maybe I'll get my act together in time for your b'day! xxx


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