Weekend snippets

My goodness, where has this week gone?!! Time is both flying and going slow at the moment but at the weekend we played some vinyl, had some friends round for a take-away lunch, had fun with the nephew at the door and got a new lamp shade for bubba's room.


  1. vad myyyysigt! först trodde jag att ni hade fått barn - via posten! ;)
    (brevinkast + barn)
    håller med om kvickheten i denna vecka, det måste varit en såndär snabbvecka... jag har hört talas om dem. tror att man fyller ut med dom, när man har slut på vanliga veckor..

  2. Ho Famapa !
    I love your pictures, I missed them... The new lamp shade for little bubba is so cute ! Love that.
    I saw your comment on my blog yesterday night, it made my night ( and it'll make my day).
    Merci !

  3. what a happy weekend. your photos always make me feel a little lighter. thank you for that.

  4. what a fun post, I love the first shot so cool!!

  5. That food look absolutely delicious!

  6. hello there! I just wanted to send you my thankful thinking and some wishes. I am an architect and many of your photos have a clear architectural way of seeing; that makes sense to me and interests me greatly. I wish you an unforgetful weekend and the happiest days for the baby to come.
    Finn, from Greece.

  7. hajade till - ett barn på bloggen...men konstaterade i nästa sekund: det va lite för stort. :)

    ja veckan flög verkligen iväg.

  8. I'd love to sit down and eat at that fourth photo. Yum!

  9. Fun pictures to view. You really have a nice blog! :-)

    - Pixellicious Photos

  10. oh that food seems delicious !!!

  11. I love the lamp shade! clouds!!
    and that little baby looks so tiny! Her tights are adorable!!


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