Oh October!

'Tis the time to hang out on comfy sofas wearing slippers, sipping tea & eating home baked rock cakes and of course, catching up. Autumn, you rule. Have a lovely weekend y'all!

P.S. I really really really want to go to this but I think I have to wait until bubba's born, the thought of walking around in the dark with a big belly is too scary!


  1. mysi!! håller med om hösten, men nu kan det va höst till våren, hopp' över vintern!
    vad är det för kakor förresten, de ser fina ut..!

  2. Famapa I tagged you ! You haven't seen it yet ?

  3. Cozy, cozy week-end!
    The rock cakes look so good!

  4. Yummy! Autumn is absolutely for relaxing :) Maybe that's why I kind of miss the change of different seasons. Haha.

  5. these photos emit such a comfy feeling (love those slippers, too!)

    balka's installation looks amazing.

  6. One of my furry slippers is LOST! I am destroyed. And my feet are cold. :( But your pics make me feel warmer.

  7. ja! thé o skorpr i soffan hela veckan lång!

  8. i'm tea addict these days !

    ps you've been tagged !
    i would be honored if you wished to participate to my new project : http://fifikoussout.blogspot.com/2009/10/perfect-life-book.html

  9. You do bad things to me!
    I come to read your blog and I actually leave wanting to eat something homemade.

    The rock cakes look lovely, plus pretty plates.

    Fee x

  10. Tack för tipset på Tate.
    Skall till London i November för jobb intervjuer och Tate är ju ett måste vid varje besök!!!

  11. this looks so cozy. i'm having a sofa day too. (minus the stylish slippers, wish i'd find something similar!)


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