Crossing over

Had some time to kill in St John's Wood yesterday and as the weather was so nice I went looking for a bench in the sun where I could read my book. As it happened the bench I found was right next to the most famous zebra crossing in London and loads of tourists who had made the pilgrimage were there trying to re-create that very famous photo. I had so much fun looking at them trying to get it just right, some of them crossing and re-crossing the road for an hour whilst others would stand by soaking up the atmosphere. What was so charming was that everyone seemed so happy to have made it there, regardless of their age. That is for one group of four Italian young men in there early 20's; one guy was taking the picture whilst barking at the others who didn't seem to hear his instructions. They obviously didn't get it right. There was a lot of sulking from both parties but finally (after 15 minutes of not talking) two of the three guys went back across and did it again. I hope they nailed it.

Abbey Road webcam - check it out live for yourselves!


  1. haha, ja hoppas dom satte den! och där satt du och iakttog, denna kändisplats ... de där strecken måste varit nedslitna och ommålade tusen gånger minst? :)

  2. It's fun. I have never been to abbey Road while in London. Don't know why. But next time, I'll guess that yes, I'll cross the street...

  3. what a fun place to sit and people watch!
    who needs tv when there's real life to watch?!

  4. emma: det hoppas jag med! jag försökte komma ihåg om jag nånsin gjort nåt liknande, tagit en likadan bild som nånting känt men kunde inte komma på nåt...

    marion: it's a bit strange as a tourist attraction but it's the people who go there that make it into something:)

    asphaltandair: it's been ages since I've had a good people watching session... who needs tv indeed!

    a.: I didn't... it actually gets a fresh lick of white paint regularly, I hope the fans aren't too upset :0)

    essi: thanks!


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