Marion tagged me; to post the 10th image in my first folder. And yet again this is an example of how rubbish I am at chucking pictures as I take them. I have promised myself that I will try harder, there are only so many rubbish pictures one can hold on to!

I took this on Christmas Eve last year at my mother-in-law's. The fish tank (although I'd call it a shoe box made out of glass - it's tiny!) has always been a bone of contention with her husband; he wants to keep them and she doesn't. They've finally upgraded to a cat, in fact they now have my sister's cat Min (my sister works all over Europe now and couldn't keep him) and I think the fish are history. I know the big one keeled over not long after I took this picture and now I'm curious if the fish tank is still there... I shall have to check.

I in turn tag Kate, hope you want to play along!


  1. i am loving this blog so much.

  2. Oh the story is cute.
    Loosing a fish was a great trauma when I was a kid... !!!

  3. This in fact is a nice picture of a fish in motion! It looks so animated and lively...

    - Pixellicious Photos

  4. i'm rubbish at chucking pictures too. glad though this one survived - the red is so glowing and intense. like fire under water.

    i wonder what it is with men and fish tanks. curious that... ;)

  5. looks like a far out junkie goldfish complete with hypodermic syringe .he probably died happy


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