Time travel V

all pics by the hubby

If I had to narrow down my recommendations for a trip to Japan to only three I would say; stay in a ryokan, visit a temple and make sure you go to Tokyu Hands. When we were in Kyoto we were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful ryokan (traditional inn) that was built in 1818. It was an incredible experience for two Japan-freaks like ourselves. The big meal in the third picture was actually breakfast (for one!) in our room, and yes, I put weight on on this trip... I've lost count of how many temples we went to or which ones but they were all stunning and always full of busloads of school children. The kids would always wave at us and say hello and whisper excitedly about us, there are so few Westerners there (or Somali-Filipinos for that matter) so we really stood out. It gave us a little insight of how it must be to famous. As for Tokyu Hands... how can I best explain it? It's a chain of stores that sells everything. We went to the one in Shibuya in Tokyo and I think we spent two hours there. We bought really random stuff, my favourite being this can of snow spray (told you it was random!). We were so paranoid about flying with it and it exploding in our suitcase, that the hubby emptied all of the "snow" into a plastic bag in our hotel room. We nearly passed out from all the fumes. Anyway, I'm rambling now so I'll shut up. Have a great weekend!


  1. i could listen to these stories more and more:)
    that so called breakfast looks so delicious. and huge! njam.. and what is this with the beards? instruction or the fashion thru the years..?

  2. really beutiful pictures, I would surely like to go to japan!

  3. GUD vicken fin resa! Så många olika fina grejor du får med också. inte bara "kolla stor stad, kolla japaner, kolla häftiga skor"
    utan så många fina mer detaljer o BOENDET! lyxfint! ser gott ut också....

  4. Sounds like you gotta come back here for more!

  5. I could live in tokyu hands! they are great stores. you have fabulous pictures.

    Also - Ryokan's are really good places to stay? I've been sort of spoiled since I've only been to tokyo on business (company pays for regular hotels only) and my next trip is a vacation. We were wondering if the ryokan was really an option.

  6. I always wanted to go to Japan, your pictures are beautiful descriptive.

  7. i'd love to visit japan! your photos are great :)

  8. Wow! Great pictures and description. I love your way of explaining your experiences! Have fun there!

  9. oohhh tokyu hands is amazing!

    i would had another recommendation... have a bath in an onsen!

    have you tried it? it's pure pleasure!

  10. You are so right that Tokyu Hands is amazing - also the best place to get Gocco supplies if people are into that :)

    Ps. I mentioned before about going to Pitt Rivers when you are in Oxford but I noticed on Friday that it is closed until the summer. The other part of the museum is open however.

  11. outi; i have no idea what that beard poster was, kinda regret not buying it now :)

    aixxx: we HAVE to. one day!

    malinda: we stayed in the ryokan for two nights and the rest of the trip in hotels. I would highly recommend it for the experience and if you stay in a really nice one; the FOOD! so if you are looking into it I would suggest finding a more expensive one as it will be an experience you'll never forget!

    sushi lover: unfortunately we never made it to an onsen, although we did have a wooden bath in our ryokan, I know it's not even remotely the same thing but it was lovely.

    alice: the oxford outing has been cancelled :(
    but thanks for your tips, will go another time!

  12. i think i've done enough planning and dreaming of a trip to japan, i need to just go ahead and do it!


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