Time travel IV

Looking through the Japan pictures I realised that on this trip it was the hubby who had the funny eye. For the past three years his pictures have been locked away on a hard-drive and I feel that I have to set some of them free, let them get out there and taste freedom. That's me you see enjoying the view from the Mori Tower in Tokyo next to some cool dude in the first photo. That's also me in the fifth picture, I can't tell you how many times I did that stretch, but looking at what I wore on my feet I can see why my back was sore from all the walking. I'll post another batch from the hubby's pics tomorrow and then that will be it for our Japan pictures... until the next trip (fingers crossed!).


  1. that "uttanasana" stretch really does work though...atleast for me :)
    lovely photos as always

  2. so nice pics! that first one is very beautiful. Japan has always been in my mind, but now i want to see it soon!
    and that streching looks familiar for me too from traveling;)

  3. onitsuka on your feet?

    aren't they confortable?
    I'm actually wishing to buy a pair of those... not recommended?

  4. the first picture is breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. sushi lover: I find them really uncomfortable, I really need arch support in my shoes these days and the onitsukas are flaaaaaaaaat. but that's just what my feet are like!


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