6th of the 6th

Sandra tagged me yesterday.

"Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same."

Why this pictured hasn't been deleted is a mystery to me. I always keep meaning to go through my folders and get rid of pictures as I end up taking thousands a month. A "Take now delete later" kinda thing. This reminds me that I have to actually do it, not only think it :) Anyway, this is from our bedroom, I was playing around with my Sigma lens but struggling with the manual focus in the dark.


  1. Thank you for tagging me! I will give this a go once I have sorted the Paris photos out. We just got back :)

    There is a lot to see in Oxford! If I am showing someone around that hasn't seen it before I would show them:

    A college or two - there are loads of colleges varying in size and style. I like Magdalen College because there is a lot to see plus deer. I think you may have to pay some charge? It is worth keeping in mind that the colleges are closed to visitors at certain times because of teaching and exams etc, so if you know which one/s you see then check their website or phone them to be sure that they are open.
    Pitt Rivers Museum (is inside the Natural History Mus and is free) - mad collections
    The Covered Market - old fashioned fruit and veg and butchers etc maybe this is old hat if you are used to the London ones
    Walking around the Radcliffe Camera/Sheldonian area of old buildings
    Turf Tavern - it can get quite busy in here with a combination of locals, students and tourists but that is because it can be quite picturesque.

    Have fun!

  2. thank for tagging me. he he i'm a "take now delete later" kind of person too. there's something sinester about that blurry photo and it's dramatic lighting coming from the street. now where is that 6th folder....

  3. this game is funny, I have been tag too, I'm waiting to post it!!

    Salutations du Québec

  4. you're from stockholm? it seems like everyone there (literally everyone) is amazingly stylish and knows how to throw an outfit together! i need to make a visit!

    thanks for the birthday wishes! you are too sweet! i had the best time in la!

  5. jag gillar den. känns..som ett dockskåp eller nåt , sagoaktigt.

  6. Thanks for the tag... this was a good one and one i actually got around to doing! (7 random facts didnt quite make it). I like this photo, as you say one which should of been deleted but not! Now it is out in the world thanks to a tag!!!


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