Time travel III

These are from Kyoto, Arishiyama and Tokyo. Even though it was a really fun holiday, it was also exhausting. There really was no switching off as I had to pay full attention to where we were and where we were going. Amazingly we only got lost twice in the three weeks we were there. 
I think I've got an in-built compass.


  1. men gud, ja. är du släkt med hon som snackar i den där GPSen kanske?

    MUMIN! kan ju få vem som helst att känna sej trygg varsomhelst. :) fiiiiiiiiiiiint! mera!

  2. you saw a huge moomin! how very brilliant is that.

  3. så himla kul att se dina stenåldersbilder! time travel är bra!

  4. These photos made me smile... with a large moomin in the frame to top it all off.

  5. wow, thanks for the tour! coincidentally, my husband and i are attempting to plan a trip to japan this year. if you don't mind my asking, did you roam from city to city on your own? any planning tips?

  6. super to have a tour with such cool photos:)
    and even Mumin was in Tokyo?!

  7. emma: du har nog rätt! "turn right turn right!!"

    audrey: a while back I wrote these recommendations in the comments on another blog:
    "where do I start?
    make sure you stay in a ryokan, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, we stayed at the hiiragiya in kyoto: http://www.hiiragiya.co.jp/en/room.html which was v. pricey but worth it (actually someone gave us the stay there as a gift so we were very lucky), if you stay in one make sure you have a kaiseki-ryori meal in your room and ask for the japanese breakfast (providing you like japanese food of course).

    get a japan rail card, so useful and the best way to travel round and can also be used on some of the tube network in tokyo

    go to:
    kyoto -beautiful temples, charming city and you can hire bikes to get around

    osaka - just an hour or less from kyoto by train but completely different and good fun

    hiroshima - fascinating place, I can't put into words what I felt there but it was very powerful. it's a daytrip from either kyoto or osaka

    nara - amazing amazing temples, hire bikes for next to nothing at the train station and your feet will thank you for it (also a daytrip from kyoto or osaka)

    tokyo - of course!"

    japan is really easy to travel around. just make sure you have a guide guide book (or three as I did on our trip), try the lonely planet, fodor's and the rough guide and make sure you get the most recent one. I've found the time out guides good too (but didn't bring one on this trip).

    here are other tips left on lottie's blog , hope that's useful to you!

    outi: the moomins are HUGE in japan! I got most of our mumin stuff out there :)

  8. thank you soooo much! it's so overwhelming to plan a serious trip like this and i don't want to regret missing something especially unique. this is so helpful and i'll definitely check lottie's blog as well.

  9. I love your blog. You take wonderful pictures : )


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