After the party

Yesterday really felt like the morning after the night before. It was as if the whole city had had a huge party and now there were only a few lone stragglers left, still trying to have a good time. I couldn't shake the image of someone having turned on the lights and all of a sudden you could see the mess everywhere. It's such a shame that all good things must come to an end, but I'll always have the memories of that day of snow when hardly anyone went to work or school. We all experienced something special on the 2nd of February 2009 and it didn't cost us a penny.


  1. vad fint, men lite sorgligt vemodigt också. som att det varit en naturkatastrof hehe

  2. vilken bra fin jämförelse. med ett stort party. som det stora snöpartyt som drog förbi vart tionde år.
    fin dokumentation. bra bevis.

  3. that last picture is just so... sad :)

  4. I lived in Tucson, AZ for five years and only twice we had snow in the city. Kids went crazy playing and throwing snowballs. Very fun. I love the photos

  5. Great shots. It was snowing here in NY too. and now it is all slush!

  6. Love your pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

  7. it really looks like after the party. i love the way snow can transform everything and change the city landscape completely for a while. must have been a cool experience. that snowman looks like he has seen some rough times : )

  8. hehe! I love the photo of the empty car spot! It really does suit the title!
    oooh, i hate it when they turn the lights on after the party is over. It's so jarring!

  9. lisen: det var verkligen vemodigt! smått tragiskt att se barn bära på pulkor 24 timmar för sent.

    em: det kanske kommer ett snöparty till på fredag redan. hoppas!

    esti: isn't it just?

    kerry hawkins: there were spontaneous snowball fights breaking out between strangers :)

    michelle parks mccourt: you guys get snow regularly though don't you? and slush is such a poor substitute.

    lipglosser: for this post I used the canon eos 400D (also known as canon rebel xti) and I used my small canon ixus 980 is in the snowy park the other day.

    lea: I love how snow slows everything down, and how quiet it gets. just walking the street with no traffic on them was wonderful. and yes, that snowman is rather tragic...

    celine: yep, the lights coming on was always the worst part of the evening. I must say though that monday really was my kinda party!

  10. famapa, these photos and the comparison to "after the party" are so nice.


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