Must do's

We wandered around the West End running errands yesterday. A jacket had to be returned, some lunch with delicious strawberry and kiwi juice had to be consumed and someone's hair had to be cut. I went in to a new salon on impulse and I was hoping I would come out with a wacky haircut, but the stylist gave me a pretty and sensible hairstyle instead. It won't look like this once I've washed my hair though as I have curly hair (which I hate) but I'm sure it'll be much better than the mop I've had for the past 18 months (I was growing out a bob). Anyway, enough about my silly hair! We also got a map and a guide book for our upcoming holiday, we're off to the Dolomites in Italy for some fresh mountain air. Anyone been? Any suggestions or tips?


  1. Sorry no good fif for the Dolomites...
    But I had fun reading about your hair...A couple of weeks ago...I had a similar haircut experience...haha
    Like your dress and the wall behind your pretty new hair :D
    Nice greenish colour in top one...
    And the gone juiceglass...:D

  2. You are a photographic storyteller and I like it a lot. Nice haircut! Great to see you didn't have one of those wacky hairdos of some previous posts saloon..... :)

  3. jag tänkte att jag följer med er till dolomiterna ;)

  4. jättesöt ny frisyr! så härligt med en resa till bergen;)

  5. snyggt hår. snygg blus. eller JUMPER som min farmor skulle sagt. :)

  6. I would recomand also going in Trentino-Alto Adige (around Bolzano and Trento), which is very pretty, with lots of small lakes - and of course, the big and famous Garda Lake, always worth a visit or a swim!

  7. thank you all for your lovely hairy comments!
    esti: I'm so glad I wasn't feeling impulsive outside that particular hairdressers :)
    aurelia: thanks for the suggestions, I will have a look in the guidebook! can't wait!!!

  8. If I may add another suggestion: I would absolutly reccomend visting the town of Merano, and its spa (with sauna)…http://www.termemerano.it/home/index.asp?L=3
    I spent so many summers round there, I got to know quite well this part of Italy!

  9. oh i love that miror effect, and that view in the glass, the wallpaper, and your blouse :D

    and the way you notice details :)


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