Feeling hot hot hot

It's been years since I've experienced hot weather in Stockholm (I always seem to get the timing wrong) but this time a heat wave is due for the whole week I'm here. Score! Anyway, spent the day catching up with the family and chasing shadows. So much fun!

They just don't make 'em like this anymore
(2:40 mins in... oh+my+goodness).


  1. smält inte bort :) nedersta bilden är finast i stan! wow.

  2. kannn vara den godaste glassen...!

    nu ska jag ha rast o gå o bada i havet! kanske ta en såndär glass efteråt...

  3. hi! nice blog!
    veronik is in sweden too, she told it's very hot! but in antwerp it's also crazy now, longing for autumn!!

  4. sandra: tack! är det varmt hos er med?
    lisen: visst är den... den har varit min favvo sen jag var pytteliten, den och 88:an!!! fast jag saknar päron split.. hoppas att doppet var skönt!
    mieke: it's so nice to finally get some summer, although I'm personally a bit sad about the onset of autumn... I guess that just comes with living in england ;0)

  5. that last photograph is terrific. the texture, light and perspective.

  6. i love how the ice cream lines up with the sidewalk & the way the color pops out from those muted grays.

  7. håller med sandra om sista bilden. asså man ba: :-0 "hur funkar den? AHAAAAAAAAAAA..!!" :-)


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