1. Meeting up with my sis for a spot of pre-holiday shopping for both of us.
2. Having sushi for lunch at Kulu Kulu.
3. Ordering the exact same drinks as the people behind us in the queue who pushed past us and took our drinks. What they didn't realise was that they had ordered large ones and we mediums so we kept quiet and walked away with theirs feeling smug. Karma indeed.
4. Riding Margot in the sunshine.
5. The sun making up for yesterday's washout.
6. Coming home to find the hubby happily crafting away (he's making a paper AK-47, boys eh?!!).

I was tagged by Sandra (cheers!). I tag: esti, alice, yasu and fliss.


  1. åh vilken finfin dag! vad jag skrattade när jag läste om medium/large-drinken. fabulous! du skickade hit regnet märker jag, det öser ner. mysigt :)

  2. i'll play as soon as I can.
    (by the way, your husband has pretty hands ;)

  3. Hello sweet pie !! thank you for tagging me !! :D

    done !! i wrote my 6 things :)

    cool picture on the bike !! and your byke has a name ?? (almost everything i own has a name :)

    and about the drink, i am not sure to get it all, so did the mean people got smaller drink paying big ones ??

  4. i forgot to say thank you for your sweet comment about the fox, you're so lucky to be witness of this, is it close enough to take pictures ?

  5. sandra: det är bra att regnet är hos nån som uppskattar det :)
    esti: you're right, he does have nice hands now that you mention it! they're big and soft and I love holding them :)
    alice: wow, you played quickly!! love your roof top series... the bike is the first thing I have that I've ever named but I knew I had to name her straight away. I just knew it would be a special relationship.... she brings me such joy! and yes, the mean people got the smaller drinks - heehee! Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to take a picture of the fox as it's too dark (I'm not a flash fan...) but I will always cherish it regardless.

  6. This is a lovely tag... thankyou, I will do it today!
    I love your shadow bike picture and your karma story. Bet that juice tasted great...it looks good!!

  7. What was the drink? It looks like some kind of green bubble tea or maybe melon smoothie?? Just noticed you have added me to your blog roll. Thank you! I will add you to mine also...I've been meaning to update lately :)

  8. jill: it was a matcha chiller, a creamy seriously tasty and probably very unhealthy green tea milkshake... I got hooked on them in japan and now they've finally arrived in london... both bad and good news :0)


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