Arrivederci Dolomiti!

Our week away in the mountains was amazing and looking back at these pictures I really miss it. I now dream of getting a place in the mountains (lottery win permitting of course) so we can go snowboarding there in winter and hiking in summer. In the meantime I'll be happy ignoring beach holidays and exploring more mountain ranges the world over...
Next on the itinerary though: Stockholm - woohoo!


  1. What a pretty bunch of perfect posts and pictures! I'm so jealous of your vacation, of the view, of the food... I'd better stop and close my mouth (I'm in awe...)
    Keep having fun!

  2. ha det så himla fint i stockholm!

  3. those mountains! and what a jump!

  4. ÅH! Ja! Låter som SÅ fint! Och vilka bilder dessa! Samt: nu vet jag hur det stavas. Annars låtsas jag alltid skoj-stava till nåt som liknar namnet Harry V. Derchi.


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