Nara in da house

What can I say? A bit of Yoshitomo Nara around the house makes for a happy house. Looks like I have to make the trip up north to check this out, the last time I saw an exhibition of his was about 10 years ago.
That's simply not good enough.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more!! I have not seen Yoshitomo Nara's toys before...where do i get myself one of those (little girl)? Looks like you are heading north!!! dont miss that one :))
    Have a wonderful weekend.x

  2. hi fliss, I got the girl and the dog from here:

    although it looks like they don't sell the doll anymore :(

    a great weekend to you too! x

  3. dom är så fina! älskar figurer. Vore roligt att göra vinyltoys. Känner inte igen den gula snubben o solbriller o rökrock på kylen dock, är det honey-puff-monsters farsa? :)

  4. yes, his stuff makes one happy. some days ago, V was wearing a Nara teeshirt at my place, by the window. it says HOME on the shirt. go to the exhibition, i've seen one exhibition of him x graf. graf is a great place! they have an office (and showroom?) in london too.

    by the way, V has appeared on his blog!

  5. it looks like your place is pretty cool! i love it when little things repeats it self different places in the home -we used to have an animal theme through out old apartment -im not sure what the theme is now...

  6. lisen: den där gula snubben är ett litet kort vi fick med ett qee egg (en vinyl toy) som är precis lika dan fast 3D förstås... försökte hitta en länk men ingen lycka...

    hannna: what a great claim to fame V has! :)

  7. Mmmm, så fiint så fint!!

  8. Jag har flera böcker med bilder av den här underbara Yoshitomo Nara. Och ångrar så att jag inte köpte en "sömngångare" som de hade på Moderna museet i Stockholm för många år sen, jag tänker på den ibland...

  9. What a wonderful collection! Im a big fan too!


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