I heart the Barbican (and my man)

Me and the hubby went on a date last night. By date I mean we went for dinner and then onto the Barbican to see Ethiopiques live. We haven't been to a gig together for years so it felt like a date, almost like our first date 12 years ago in fact, when I dragged him to see a three hour long Croatian film (I didn't know anything about it and he put up with it bravely). Luckily the gig was great and now we have to go and get the albums (there's so many!). Anyway, the Barbican is one of the most photogenic places in London and I thank the hubby for waiting patiently whilst I ran all over the place taking pictures.

This is the only decent "video" I've found to give you a taster of Ethiopiques - they never made any videos themselves.
Have a fantabulous weekend friends!


  1. wow i like the ethiopiques! thanks for the link.

  2. just wandering what was that croatian film? underground?

  3. men gud så fint, det här gillar jag! romantiskt, fint, kul med länken till detta, för mig, nya. Yey! :D mmmm...!!

  4. glad you like the ethiopiques, if you're thinking of buying the cd's the best of compilation and ethiopiques vol. 4 are apparently the ones to get.

    ani: it was underground! as a first date film it was too long but we smile at the memory now :)

  5. I'm also a fan of the Barbican. My first job was in Clerkenwell, and as a naive Yorkshire lad I used to think those brutalist towers were a rough estate. Soon got to know it well, though. It always reminds me of the Central district in Hong Kong.

  6. ten inch wheeler: I used to think it was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen when I moved here, but then I was only a teenager then and not into architecture at all. thank goodness I realised what a beaut it actually is.


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