The cure for cabin fever

Decided to get out of London for the day and went to Knole, built between 1456 and 1486, joining the blue rinse brigade who are usually to be found at all National Trust properties. We always get funny looks when we go to these places as we're about 35 years younger than everyone else. I guess I'm a little old lady on the inside.

Annoyingly no photography was allowed inside so here's a few pictures from the National Trust.


  1. reflektionerna på golvet, ah! sista bildern = :)

    går det där rådjuret där..(översta bilden)??

  2. ha, nu när jag tittar närmare så ser det fejkat ut men rådjuret var där på rikigt... det fanns hundratals av dem som bara lunkade omkring jättenära, byggnaden ligger mitt i en rådjurspark!

  3. what a nice little trip...loving the stained glass photo and the antlers! glad you got the sun back...we have your rain now.

  4. jill: doh! well I guess it's good news for your lovely garden!

  5. wow how grand. and there is a deer?

  6. girl ferment: there were hundreds of deer, they were everywhere but none of those pix made the edit...


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