Messing about

What do you do when your bored? I take silly pictures to see what things look like and then I'm not bored anymore.


  1. du är så himla rolig! borde gå en kurs hos dig i hur man kommer ur uttråkning, för jag får mest panik och tror att det aldrig kommer att bli roligt igen så fort jag är uttråkad.

  2. Jag får hänga på den kursen...

  3. Så roliga perspektiv! Den nedersta bilden - en sur sån gammal docka :-)

  4. hei, thank you for visiting. i've been meaning to leave you comments too... you are swedish!
    i'm never bored, i wish i was sometimes. days are just way way too short. you have a beautiful shirt. and actually quite many beautiful shirts as i've noticed here!

  5. jag tror inte min ögon!
    de damer som jag tycker verkar ha mest kul av alla vill komma på kurs hos mig??!! vi borde slå ihop oss och ge ut en bok i hur man inte har tråkigt!

    malo: jag vet, värsta surkärringen :)

    hannna: I understand you never get bored, I wouldn't either if I had your life ;)
    and you're right, the days are too short to be bored, you just have to make your own entertainment!

  6. Hahaha...like your boring times...

  7. yep, my life is so slow and all the basic actions take such long time - it's always evening before i know it! i would have a lot of things to do outside, inside. your bored actions look so luxurious.... now i'm forced to have a summer evening walk, biggest action of the day

  8. hahaha i do the exact same thing when bored !!
    you really have a funny eye ;)


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