Good day hunting

Remember this? Well, thanks to my pro-active sister-in-law it looks like we'll have a go at making the dress on the cover to start with. We had a look in The Cloth House for some fabrics and went on to a craft shop searching for pattern paper. So exited! Wandering around Noho we came across a building I've never seen before but it's appeared in one of my dreams which freaked me out a bit (I swear it wasn't a deja-vu, the building was in New York in my dream). We then stumbled across Scandinavian Kitchen, I've been meaning to go to for ages but always forget too. It was a sensory overload for me to see so many Swedish groceries in one place, I didn't know where to start. In the end it had to be plockgodis (pick 'n' mix), some lingonberry bread and an ergonomic washing-up brush. I know where to go to stock up now. My sister-in-law got some Guld Marie Kex that I just had to eat like I did when I was a kid.


  1. We have the same kinda candies here and I just love them!

  2. haha, så rart med kexet och FÖRSTÅELIGT med godiset!! cocosprickar är det nästan så att jag själv saknar, fast det finns 100 meter from here.
    kul med klänningen, alla uppslag/plagg ser förresten helt ljuvliga ut!

  3. i havent heard of scandinavian kitchen. I think i will have a look today!


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