The last few hours

Our flight back home wasn't until the afternoon, so on our last day in Stockholm, me and Oomoo spent some time wandering around Söder, as there were a couple of shops I wanted to check out, and more than anything, I needed to stock up on my Swedish teas (yum!), and so I snapped these random pics. In the past year, at bedtime, when I stay and chat with Oomoo in the dark for a little while before I say goodnight, he's asked me for the past six months or so to tell him a story about something that happened to me when I was a kid. Racking my brains every evening I've told him all my highlights, big and small, from my years in Stockholm, and once I ran out of those he wanted more stories from before he was born. Anyway, walking around town is so much fun, as I can say "That there is the park where I slipped into the lake, remember?" and "This here is where we went ice skating after school, and built burrows in the deep snow" and "That's where I went to the dentist and faked needing braces (I told you he wanted to know everything)". On this trip I even took him to see my old school, where so many fun things happened, and showed him the walk home from there that I'd take on my own - at his age. As weird as I now feel about my hometown, I still have very fond memories from there, and I wouldn't have wished my childhood there to have been any different. I am so happy to be able to share the language and a bit of the culture with Oomoo now, and I hope he'll have fond childhood memories from there when he's a grown up too.

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