An afternoon walk

Me and Oomoo spent another couple of days in Stockholm after the ski trip, whilst Mr Famapa had to leave for work. My friend A's eldest son is nine months older than Oomoo, and had to go back to school straight away, but we came and picked him up from school one day, and took the long way home, walking from Gamla Stan to Hornstull where they live. They sometimes take this walk to school when time and weather allows, and it was such a cool walk. I wish I had more time do these simple things when we visit in the future, as it always feel so rushed with family duties, and we never stay long enough to be able to just hang out. These 40 minutes or so were so nice, and I really enjoyed discovering Stockholm anew, and noticing things more as it's all so foreign now. I mean, look at how ridiculously colour co-ordinated all the houses are! Heaven forbid you paint your house blue :)

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