Gamla Stan

I texted my friend Z in Amsterdam a picture from this square saying "Surprise! We've just arrived and we're on our way to your house!". She replied "Cool! I'll put the kettle on." I don't think I fooled her.

Caught these ladies 'gramming. Loved the graphic shape of the light.

These guys. So excited about going to Serieboden and getting their mitts on old comics.

Oh my goodness. That font. Want.

Those window reflections. That blue sky. Those old old houses.

The streets are very narrow in Gamla Stan. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I was looking after the boys by myself, so no time to dawdle with the camera. I need to go back.

This was the first warm day of the year. These guys worked in a tattoo parlour, but I guess they weren't that busy at that particular moment... Swedes flock out into the sunshine in spring like no one else - those long dark winters makes them appreciate the warmth of the sun sooooo much more. I did too when I lived there. 

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  1. Love that second one - that strong light!!
    And yes v nice font too


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