Recently, at home

A Sunday morning, all of them in their own little worlds.

Oomoo switched from the piano to the guitar a few months ago. I'm seriously impressed by how easy it was for him. As for me, I'm not playing the piano as often as I used to - must change that. It'd be too sad to lose that skill.

These guys live above a door, and goodness me do they need a dusting. Some serious cobweb action going on there.

Oomoo and pal playing with a marble run whilst Mr Famapa catches up on emails.

The long and cold winter has made all our plants explode this spring. I've never seen them this huge! Can't wait to see all them flowers bloom in the next few weeks.

Grooming time! Sometimes brushing the knots out in Buddy's fur isn't enough, and that's when the scissors come out. As you can see, he doesn't seem to mind at all.


  1. Hello Fampa. I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to get in touch with you regarding a possible project/commission. What would be the most approp. method of contact?
    Thank you x

  2. Yes! Omoo playing the guitar! Music is the most beautiful language in the world!...

  3. Hello again! I'm so silly, it is probably easier if you just contact me: hello@sanastrophe.com


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