Snow snaps

Snapped this whilst we stopped on the drive up to the north at a lay by, with public loos, a shop, a car park etc. You'd never know it was there looking at this. Oh the joys of picture making.

Mr Famapa in the same spot, walking out on a frozen lake. The ice/snow was all thawed and gone by the time we drove back to Stockholm nine days later.

Watching the cross country skiers getting a literal lift on a snow tractor going up the mountain. We hedged bets on who would fall over first. No one did.

I love how the trees look so graphic in the landscape.

Getting ready to toboggan down the hill. Sure beats the puny runs we get here in London.

Walking down the mountain as another load of cross country skiers came up. As you can see, there are no mountain ranges like in the Alps. I quite like this vista though; it'd be boring if everywhere looked the same.

Sticking to the path.

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