ZZZZZZ (or rather the lack of)

I've never been one to suffer from insomnia but in the past few weeks I keep waking up around 4.30am and then struggle to fall back asleep for about an hour. Well, yesterday morning was the worst. I woke up at that ungodly hour and couldn't get back to sleep until 08.45am! Just awful... I tried reading, a cup of Sleepytime, a snack and surfing the net but nothing really worked. Anyway, managed to get one more hour's sleep in before I had breakfast with a pre-hibernation fat squirrel. Luckily the telly provided the perfect film to watch on a day of not doing anything, a Hepburn/Tracy film ("Woman of the year"), which gave me a lovely new addition to my collection of "The End's". I also felt jealous of Little Mo's catnaps throughout the day, not fair!

Can't remember if I've linked to this before, but I luv it.


  1. guva jobbigt! såntdär asså. inge kul. hoppas det vänder.
    snitsigt frukostsällskap duh! och som Mo matchar sina ögon med bakgrunden, snyggt jobbat. :)

  2. usch usch. jag har alltid varit den som ville gå upp halv sex (jag gillar morgonen) men på senare tid har jag varit såå trött! jag vaknar 10:00 varje morgon. ungefär samma problem som ditt fast tvärtom

  3. how annoying! i love to sleep -as you know- and can sleep always and for as long as i want (knock on wood) but i know that my perfect sleep-circle is 6 hours -if i wake up after 6 hours im awake and clear in my head -but i just can't bring myself to leave the bed! its too good! so i fall asleep again and end up tired and late!
    The bad thing about having a cat/dog is the jealousy that they can sleep all day!

  4. I like those The Ends!
    I hope you can sleep tonight...

  5. I really like your "The End" photos. Great idea, lovely photos.

  6. yes, the end photos are great and such a brilliant flickr group too!

  7. maybe there is something you have to do, and you forgot, and your body natural alarm clock wakes you up because of it ?

    lovely pictures :)
    and Little Mo DOES really look perfect on pictures, everytime !

  8. ps, hahaha the Flickr group of The End, is just great !! i love collections like these !!


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