It's getting closer

Xmas that is. By the day. Ughhh. I'm not a big fan... I just hate the waste of it all. People buying other people rubbish and spending money just for the sake of it. This year I'm making most of my gifts myself but there's still some stuff we have to get, so yesterday we continued our gift-hunting. It was reasonably successful, I reckon one more trip and we're done. Please let that be the case. Anyway, sorry to be such a Scrooge... Happy Friday I say!


  1. im so happy that you write this! im growing more and more tired of christmas -i LOVE the quiet days just around christmas, being at my parents house, taking time of, reading a book, eating delicious food -but i could so do without the rest! christmas should be a week -tops!

  2. I agree! I think if we could only skip the consumer aspect of it all it'd would be a wonderful holiday, a nice break at the end of the year and time to relax and see family :)

  3. håller med!
    köper inte julklappar sedan några år.
    man slipper så mkt stress o kan bara ägna sej åt det lugna o goda.
    dock kan jag tycka att det är kul för alla barn ändå, som liten älskade jag julen. det är barnens grej det där..
    men med julklappar kan de ju få med måtta! :)

    bara det där huset som "är ett paket" ...haha..ah, människor kommer på så mkt trams till jul?! Inne i stan brukar här vara ett hus som "är en julkalaender". Typiskt JULJIPPO. Blä.

    gnällgnäll. ;)

  4. I hear you Famapa,
    This year we are all going to only give to the children and cousins in our families. I love the catching up part but i couldn't agree with you more about the excess in consumerism!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

  5. här är en länk till en sån snurra:

    väldigt lätt! går på 10 sek


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