Shop love

Made a start on our Christmas shopping yesterday with a visit to After Noah. It was so nice in there, it was like we'd travelled back to the 1940's. Lots of little goodies, lovely music playing and pretty empty. Aaaahhh, the joy of not having to do your shopping on a weekend... but then, it wasn't a particularly successful gift-buying trip so we'll have to have another go soon. Bah humbug :)


  1. wah, vilket ställe!

  2. oj vad många ställen jag vill se i london nu! på en gång! det räcker att ha varit hemma i två dagar!

  3. Good to know it is "open to both sexes"... a super little collection of images you have presented here, and here's to shopping during the week when all is on the quiet side of chaos.


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