They don't grow on trees you know

Who knew these things were hiding in the bushes? As we were walking along the Outer Circle of Regent's Park, kicking through through the leaves, all of these hidden treasures were peeking out from the hedges, one piece of litter more absurd than the other. I think the tea bags are the funniest though, you can't get much more stereotypically British rubbish than that!

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  1. what a gorgeous collection of hidden things.
    the way you are showing them almost makes me think of hedges and bushes in spring... with very unusual blossoms.

  2. who knew? wow - these are beautiful.
    I love the tea bag and keys; how do you lose your keys in the bushes? why would anyone throw a tea bag in the bushes?
    these pictures are really gorgeous and the whole 'theme' is unusual, but somehow makes you think about spontaneity and random choices. ha - my literature teacher would be impressed. I'm finding deeper meaning and themes in everything.

  3. naemmen! (inga hundbajspåsar? kan man ju se växa på en del svenska buskar ibland iaf...).

  4. rolig rubrik och roligt tema! spännande fynd detta! tack för mejl (tack för tacket återigen) svarar snart. /seg segsson

    :) (OCH besvarar din taggning en månad för sent)

  5. Haha ha ha ah haha! great series!
    (word verification: plabr -sounds like the danish word for rambling :)

  6. I love the tea bag one! haha
    Here in Finland is more common to find beer cans hanging from places...

    Oh how cool! thank you for linking my blog! :)

  7. yes, i agree: the tea bags are great. i also like the hanger as it seems as though it is trying so hard to fit in.

  8. om de inte växer på träd - växer de undr marken då? Som potatis?


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