En peu plus

Heeeeeey. How goes it? Good I hope. So, I guess I better crack on with this huh? I mean, it's now exactly five months since I was in Paris - the first time this year. For reals, because we've been back again (en famille), during the time it's taken me to blog from my initial trip. Alors, here's a random selection of pictures from Pareee - the April edition! Usually when we travel, we stay in Airb'n'bs, but it's been real nice to have stayed in hotels a bit more recently. Staying in a twin room with my friend Z was great (sharing a room with a pal as an adult makes you feel like a kid again, doesn't it? I likes it. Although it helps if you keep the same hours, haha!); so here's Z at rest, the view from our room (how cool are those colourful tiles?!) and me trying to get some circulation back in my legs 'cause all them 17 000 steps or whatever we did a day really hammered my legs. Luckily my Blundstones are suuuuuper comfy, so it's all good.

Some of my Paris research. I like to be organised, but I wasn't super rigid with where we went. Just some definite places to head for, and then seeing where that in turn would take us.

Like seeing little secret courtyards, and quiet morning streets.

It's interesting how Paris is so steeped in history; ridiculously formal and beautiful in places, and rough and ready in others. The local street art scene helps keeping the city from feeling like a staid museum.

And you always have to look up, or you'll miss trees and birds and hangry signs.

These last three are from Jardins des Tuileriers, where we had our last lunch before we headed home on our trains. So strange to see spring here now, when IRL we're speeding towards autumn! I'll be back soon with more. This delay in blogging effects my picture taking - I don't carry my camera with me anymore, and I feel sad about that. Sigh.


  1. love these. and you have great writing in your research notebook.

    1. Awww, thanks lady - I've always thought my handwriting is terrible :)
      Hope you guys are well x


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