York randoms

Just a couple of days after getting back from Paris, it was time to hop on yet another train, but this time going north, to York, and hang out with our ex- London friends who now live there. Even though it's sad when friends move away, it's nice to be able to discover a new place, and to spend more concentrated time together. Last year when we were there in October it was really cold, so it was nice to be there in spring this time. 

I love S & P's home; it has such a great vibe, and is very pleasing on the eye, even when you've got someone aiming a Nerf gun at you.

Looking forward to the next time we hop on a train and head up there again!


  1. Apologies for the late comment; I tend to be 25-30 days behind on posts in my blog feed... Your photos are all wonderful, but I especially love the image of the carousel horses in the trailer. The repetition of them stacked up and the funny detail of the jacket sleeves over their front legs; just wonderful! xoxo from New York for photos of the original York! :)


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