Looking at Ren and Gio

We were lucky to catch the Ren Hang exhibition at MEP. I didn't know anything about him, but from just having a quick look at the gallery website, before our trip,  I knew we HAD TO go. His pictures are something else. So clean and graphic (some very graphic), shot with a point and shoot nothing fancy compact film camera on regular Fujicolour 200. Seeing how he worked, usually in his tiny bedroom, and more or less winging it during shoots was fascinating. You can see for yourself here.

We also made it to the Gio Ponti exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs on our last day. Same thing here, didn't know much about him, but came away with huge respect for his talent and productivity. He designed buildings, furniture, ceramics, silverware, and interiors amongst other things, as well as sending really cool letters to friends and family (2nd from last picture). He truly was a jack of all trades - master of all. Respect.

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