Sure, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (the Hunt and Nature museum) might not sound like an obvious place to visit, but I have been using Monocle's travel guides in several cities now, and totally trust their suggestions, one of which was this place. It didn't disappoint. I am by no means pro-hunting or a lover of stuffed animals, but if you check this place out yourself next time you're in Paris, I'm sure you'll understand (although make it there towards the end of 2020, as it's now shut for refurbishment) why it's so interesting. It's in a beautiful grand old house, where each room is themed by animals, and mixes the old with works by contemporary artists. It's also a not very known place, so it was nice and quiet when we went. Do you seek out the less obvious places when you travel? What's the most interesting place you've been to this year? I'd love to hear!


  1. Such a great recommendation. I also love the very first image of the ice bear <3
    Most interesting place this year?! Probably Joshua Tree or Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs.

  2. Oh Ktinka, I'm so sorry about the ridiculously late reply! That first picture makes me laugh, couldn't quite believe my luck when I took it...

    Joshua Tree is definitely one of the most interesting (or shall we say AMAZING) places I've ever been too. Such a special place! The Moorten Botanical garden looks really cool as well. Looking forward to hearing your most interesting places from 2020 next year! I wonder what mine will be? Something to look forward to for sure.


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