Paris people, dogs and a cat

There was a series to be had on this corner. We were sitting at a bistro in Pigalle, resting our feet and re-fuelling, when we noticed several kids walking past in fancy dress. I only got about three kids worth of pictures, and this was the best one.

This guy made us laugh; he was refusing to look at us, and would constantly turn away whilst we took pictures of him. Maybe we should have respected his privacy.

I wasn't sure if this guy was Bill Murray of not (it wasn't), but his silhouette looked so cool with his hat.

I can't see her - can you?

Never in my life have I seen a dog in a bomber jacket and matching trousers before, and I'm kind of not surprised that I saw one in Paris.

Good look.

At Le Petit Keller, where we had amazing Japanese food. The owners' kids were hanging out at the bar as we were eating, which made the place all the more homely.

Les amoureux.

This guy has got his camera face nailed.

A guy sitting with his cat on a bench early in the evening. I wish we'd gotten Buddy used to walking on a leash; I would've loved to be the strange lady in our neighbourhood, walking her cat.

Bonjour tristesse?

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