New Year's greetings from the past

Can I still say Happy New Year or am I too late? I hope the start of the year finds you well? I intend to spend more time here again, as I've developed an "allergy" (wink wink) to my smart phone (again), and I'm hoping to stay away from it for as long as possible. So hello slow internet life, nice to be here again! I'm not one for giant posts with too many pictures in it, but if I want to keep this space kind of current, I need to do some, so I can catch up picture-wise with where I'm at now. And to spur me on taking pictures again innit. So, here's my October 2017. Or the last couple of weeks of it. The pictures above are from the People's Vote march, in support of a second referendum about Brexit (will there be one, won't there be one - who the hell knows?). I think it's clear which side I'm on... It's all been such a long and painful process, and in just over two months we might be crashing out of the EU and into the unknown. Anyway, the march, where I was one of 750 000 people, felt very jovial, and some (most) of the home made protest sign made us smile. I was umming and erring about bringing Oomoo with me, but decided not to in the end, but before I set off I asked him what he would write on his protest placard had he made one. "We want breakfast - not Brexit!" is what he replied. And the last sign I saw, as me and my friend left the march, said exactly that! ­čś«

Some pictures from home.

Went to see the Space Shifters exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. There were some very cool things in there.

We spent a couple of days in York visiting friends, who took us to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was awesome. Like, SERIOUSLY awesome. We totally lucked out with the weather, and that walk is one the best I've ever taken. Can't wait to go back one day.

Our friends have some really nice art in their house. Makes me want to get some new things to put on our walls. But there's no rush. Peak stuff and all that.

P on the piano.

And finally the letter R (for random, haha), from a train we saw in the Railway Museum in York (there were some beauts in there I tell you). 

November/December coming up.... Have a great weekend!

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