One pic an hour on the hour 24/01/19

07.00 Picking my camera up in the study, where I was charging the battery overnight.

08.00 Oomoo reading his Swedish homework aloud at breakfast. He goooood!

09.00 Winding my watch up whilst listening to Dutch radio on my phone. As you can see I hadn't wound it up the day before... 

10.00 On the tube on the way in to town, hiding my camera in my book. So hard to brazenly take pictures of strangers in such close proximity. Best to do it on the sly.

11.00 Looking at fabrics at The Cloth House for an interiors project I'm currently working on. These Japanese indigo fabrics are well tasty.

12.00 At Fabrique, with my friend D, eating my first semla of the year. I'd already eaten it by the time I took this.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13.00 Lunch at Whole Foods; brown rice with mushrooms in coconut milk, tofu, steamed veg and chilli - countering the semla I ate an hour before 😉 Also, being a grown up means you can eat dessert before lunch.

14.00 At Leighton House Museum, sneaking a blurry pic as no photography was allowed. Such a beautiful beautiful house.

15.00 In Gail's, on Kensington High St, warming up with chai latte and a drop scone. Too cold to spend any time outside on this particular day.

16.00 Walking round Japan House, looking at beautiful, crazy expensive things - and buying a £7.50 soap.

17.00 Arriving at the bottom of the stairs at my local overground station and seeing a random potted eucalyptus tree. It looks like it's doing rather well there!

18.00 Flicking through the latest issue of Ideat that arrived in the mail whilst I was out. My idea of a treat.

19.00 Just about to start researching more fabric options for the house I'm working on. Because you can never do too much research.

20.00 Oomoo on the loo - sorry son! Talk about not respecting someone's privacy.

21.00 A very dark and orange Buddy hanging out on the living room floor.

22.00 Brushing my teeth - time for bed yo!

It's been years since I've done one of these challenges. In the past I've used a compact camera, and very quickly on Thursday I realised that I'd made a mistake using my DSLR. Especially as I shoot manually, so it was really easy to take blurry and underexposed pictures. But eff it. Makes a nice change from taking pictures in a considered way, and more true as a result. I think I'll try and do one of these every now and again (maybe once per season?), just for a laugh.

In other news; I read this article (via A Cup of Jo) on the weekend, and it describes exactly where I'm at, and there's a name for it now. Turns out I've become a digital minimalist, and it feels awesome. Read it if you like, and see what you think.

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