Tate on a Thursday


Jumana Emil Abboud

Amadeo Modigliani

Joan Jonas

A group of people making a nice shape innit

I don't know about you, but with the passing of the spring equinox this week, as well as the clocks going forward today, I finally feel like I'm coming out of my yearly hibernation. I remember MAV writing a while back about how she sees the winter months as the time to slow down, and not fight the need to rest, retreat and not push against what your body is telling you need to do. For her, the New Year starts at the spring equinox, and this year I've followed her way of thinking. And you know what? I feel so much better for it. I realise this is something that probably affects me more as I'm not working, whereas when I was in full time employment, I didn't have the time nor the luxury to tune in to the changing of the seasons. I'm looking forward to feeling more energetic, and not so sluggish and sloth-like. Do you feel the same?

Anyway, earlier this week, with more of a spring in my step, I met up with my old workmate D, and went to Tate Modern to see the Modigliani exhibition before it ends. It was very busy, and at one point I realised that we were amongst the youngest there, which as two middle aged women was a funny concept. The exhibition itself was good; lots of great use of colour, and his sculptures were amazing, and even though it's a bit safe to keep putting up exhibitions that will be hugely popular, I'm so grateful to be able to see so much great and famous art with my own eyes. All those great artists are great and famous for a reason.


  1. What beautiful pictures, it looks like movie scenes.
    I can understand your feeling about the seasons. Here in Brazil, autumn started, and I'm more excited. Before here it was hot, and I did not want to do almost anything, so hot it was doing haha.
    I've never been to an exhibition, but I imagine, how incredible it can be ♡


    1. Hi Georgia - thank you so much! That's so great that in the southern hemisphere you have the same experience - but in reverse right now! It's so easy to assume that everyone is going through the same seasonal changes, living in my little bubble. Well, I hope you get lots of cooler weather, and lots of energy! And if you get the chance, go see an exhibition, regardless of what it is of; you might find something amazing that you weren't expecting!


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