Last week

Hey there! Last week left me with no time to sit down by the computer, so here's a very disjointed summary of what went on... I saw this nice 6 and nice colour palette in Covent Garden and had to snap it. Looooove that green.

I finally bagged myself a semla from Bageriet. I only managed to eat half of it, but it was still yumyumyummy.

They postponed the dress up day for World Book Day at Oomoo's school, as it was during the wintry spell, and finally had it last week. As usual Mr Famapa went above and beyond putting together O's outfit! He and a classmate went as Thomson & Thompson from Tintin.

I mean, check out that outfit! Oomoo looked so good in a three piece suit. By dinner time he transitioned seamlessly into a cowboy, by changing the outfit slightly.

On the Friday I headed to the Hayward Gallery to see the Andreas Gursky exhibition with friends, but I only managed to see two rooms before I got a call from Oomoo's school. He'd come down with some sort of tummy bug, so I had to go and pick him up early. I'll have to go back to the Hayward soon, as the exhibition looked really good.

We had a sunny morning the other day at breakfast (they've been very rare recently!), and I couldn't find a baseball cap or sunglasses for the little man, so he sat reading with his cowboy hat on to shield his eyes. Yeehaw!


  1. Love that you have inspired me to think about blogging again x

    1. Awww, thanks Dawn - that makes so happy to read! I wish more people would pick it back up again, as blogs are so much more fun and interesting than clunky old Instagram. I hope the revolution will come soon! x

  2. Hello dear F., I cannot get enough of the colours in your pics! Love all your series so far <3 Take care, Pekiye

    1. Heeeey!! Haha, yes, come here whenever you need a shot of colour :)
      And thanks for taking the time to say hello - it's always nice to hear from you!


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