A second visit

After our Tate Modern visit, me and D walked along the river and went to see the Andreas Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. And this time there was no emergency call from Oomoo's school like the last time I was there - phew! In fact, as we went in around 2pm, the gallery was quite empty, so we could really take our time looking, whereas a couple of weeks ago we had to queue to get in. It's quite something to see such huge prints, and it does beg the question whether they are more interesting just because they're big. Would his Photoshop wizardry still impress in more regular-sized prints? I personally preferred his earlier work, where it felt like you were looking at something real, although I guess it might not have been! My favourite picture in the whole exhibition was a print of grey carpet, blown up huge (of course). It really appealed to my former graphic designer self (I mean carpets are pretty amazing grids, hehe), as well it turning the mundane, that you wouldn't even register in real life, into something worth capturing and elevating it into art. Now that's what I call magic.


  1. Hey, this is soooo good!
    As for the size, it depends on the object for sure, as long as it does not distract us from grasping the work of art...
    Thanks for the interesting tips :)

    1. Thanks P!! Yes, agreed on that. It was a shame one couldn't walk up real close to these, as sometimes the subjects were so small it was impossible to see properly. Hope you're well and enjoying spring! xx

    2. Hi F. ;) Took me long before replying, sorry. Spring has been nice so far here, thank you. Hope things are going well for you.
      Herewith I'd like to say - again - how much I love your pictures, thanks for them <3 Take care, Pekiye


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