The lunch date

A couple of weekends ago I had the great pleasure of bumping into fellow blogger Melanie whilst out for a walk. I've been a fan of her blog for a long time, so when I recognised her there was a strange moment where blog life and real life crossed over. It was like seeing a famous person and then feeling that you really really had to say something to them (which I've only done twice - to Andie McDowell and David Thewlis when I was a teenager and I'd just moved here. I soon realised it wasn't the done thing, and now I ignore famous people when I see them in the street just like everyone else!). Anyway, we arranged to meet for lunch on Saturday and I had such a great time I didn't really take any pictures!


  1. Ah lucky you !
    It's fun that when you met a blogger, you rarely take pictures. same for me ;-)
    love the jumper by the way.

  2. Sweets pictures. I agree for the jumper !!

  3. well, I love the one you took.
    This place looks like rose bakery: one of my favorite lunch joint in Paris.

    PS: same for the jumper ;)

  4. well i didn't take any photos! lunch again soon please.

    glad you all like my jumper. i like the photo too!

  5. lovely story, and pictures too.

  6. I love your outfit, Melanie!
    And this looks like such a fulfilling meal!

  7. I really like your date's woolen jumper.

  8. Looks like a beautiful lunch spread! Perfect and hearty.

    P.S. You've met David Thewlis? Jea-lous.


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