Outtakes XIII

Some leftovers from the past month. Can you believe it's the end of November already?? I can't and I'm in complete denial about Christmas and what needs to be done before then. Years ago I'd be very organized and have all of my shopping done by October to avoid the stress (tell me - do you enjoy xmas shopping?), but now I seem to punish myself and leave it all a bit late. Thank goodness for online shopping though, eh? Time to write down some ideas for gifts this weekend me thinks. Hope you have a good end to the week!

P.S. For those of you asking about Oomoo; he's still running a temperature every day and he's now also got an eye infection that makes his eye swell shut in the mornings :( The doctor says there's not much we can do but at least he's in much better spirits than he was. I guess this is what the wintry seasons will bring from now on...


  1. In denial that Christmas is soon upon us. In denial that November is soon to draw to a close. I seem to be wondering where the year went on regular basis.

    Good health to your Oomoo... here's to a speedy recovery.

  2. that's why i shop on-line. i can't deal with the crowds these days!

    i love your leftovers. i am really inspired by your angles and the way you capture the ordinary, turning into something extraordinary.

  3. Great shadow photo...
    (and no I don't like Chritmas shopping).
    And good luck for Oomoo...

  4. Indeed great photo.
    Also, if you are breast feeding little one you can squirt your breast milk into the eye and it will help heal. Know it sounds strange but it worked for all my babies.

  5. Your out-takes are gorgeous! Hope little Oomoo feels better soon.

  6. very lovely set of photos. i like x


  7. Great shots! Love the shadows.
    It's crazy how close the end of the year is!

  8. the first shot is genius.
    well seen :)

  9. Great pictures...I particularly like the bench/table one. Your poor little boy. I really hope he's getting better and you're staying warm and cosy. Have a nice weekend.


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