Sights seen and things eaten

One of my favourite things about cycling is that I can really enjoy London's diverse architecture. When I moved here I hated that London didn't look uniform like Paris, Amsterdam or New York but now I love the mixed-up craziness of the buildings in this city, you never know what's around the corner. After a little mishap on the way to Borough Market, (Margot was a bit moody and the chain popped off, luckily it happened right outside a bike shop. The staff were saying that they couldn't help - "Can you book it in?"- when a fellow cyclist just knelt down and fixed it for me - thank you young man, thank you!) Anyway, me and my friend Z eventually enjoyed some chorizo sandwiches from Brindisa and yummy pecan brownies from Konditor & Cook. Mmmmmmmmm.


  1. thank god for sweet young men :) the sandwich place looks cool! love the smoke in the background!

  2. älskar den där påsen...rosa gul o brun!


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