Out and about

The weather here is a joke. Just as I packed away my winter warmers it was time to get some of them out again as it was freezing cold and pouring down with rain. In town we ducked into galleries and cafes to stay dry. We also joined a flashmob at Liverpool Street Station where at 6.24pm we had to stay frozen on the spot for four minutes (exactly like this one). Annoyingly I couldn't take any pictures as I couldn't move but trust me, I was there. I found this particular "event" frustrating as I couldn't look around me to see how many we were or what the others were doing. I'll try and find a link of it on youtube (if anyone posts it) and hopefully we'll all get to see what went on!

Update: I found one... if I find a better one I'll post it.


  1. oh, my favourite cafe!
    isn't the weather a pain at the moment. every time I want to venture out the heavens open.

  2. Where was the second photo taken? That looks really interesting.

  3. vilka jättefina bilder ihop. plattforms-mosaik-mojängen är jättefin, den vill jag ha som hallgolv :)

  4. lottie: nordic bakery rules, I'm so glad I can get my cinnamon bun fix regularly now - and yes, the weather is bloody ridiculous at the moment...

    zee: as the weather has been pants I've had to get back on the tube hence some nice mosaic at Finsbury Park tube station on the southbound piccadilly line.

    sandra: tack min lady, visst skulle det vara fantastiskt som hallgolv! pax for att inte lagga mosaiken ;)

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and your photos look lovely :)


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