At the Cans Festival

On Monday we checked out the Cans Festival on Leake St at the back of Waterloo Station where Banksy and another 60 artists, as well as members of the public, had left their mark and rather spiffing it was too! After queueing to get in for 30 mins or so we wandered round in a sea of people, a riot of colours and the fresh fumes of spray cans. I took so many pictures that I simply had to post three batches. So there.

Update: You'll be able to see the artworks in the tunnel for the next six months, so if you missed it or if you're planning a trip to London soon you'll be able to check it out for yourself!


  1. Oj, värsta maffiga tunnelbanekonsten!

  2. I have not looked at your stuff in a couple of days and I found myself scrolling through what seemed like a months worth of amazing photos! I am so happy you posted these great pictures. ATL has good graffiti, but for some reason this give me more resolve to become an ex-pat.

  3. charrow: I'm happy you're happy ;0)
    the cans festival was a one-off but there is some pretty nice graffiti dotted around this city...

  4. It all, every little thing, looks so good when viewed through your eye.

  5. thanks gracia, that's very nice to read ;)


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