A day of rest

A bit of healthy eating, too many hours watching catch-up telly and a peek in the Sunday paper where it said Iceland is the best place in the world to live. Also went to see Persepolis on Saturday, if it's still showing at your local cinema do yourself a favour and go see it. It was an incredibly beautiful film, the animation was so stunning my heart sang. I'm getting the DVD as soon as it's out. What did you get up to?

via lisen


  1. vad skön din helg låter. min har varit hysterisk. tar igen mig med lite skolarbete ;) kram!

  2. Hi,I am from Persepolis :)
    Lovely blog!!!

  3. hi parisa! thank you for the compliment! how nice to have you visit all the way from persepolis, I love that the world becomes such a small place in blogland...

    sandra: korv kastning.. wow! det enda i mat vag jag slangt pa nan ar en nektarin karna... jag forklarar mig snart :)


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