Stedelijk time

When in Amsterdam, you have to go to a museum - it's the law. Well, my law anyway. This time we went to the Stedelijk Museum, mainly to see the Studio Drift exhibition (pics 1 to 5), which was mucho fantastico. As Oomoo has gotten older, I've stopped taking him to as many exhibitions as I used to, as he at one point got quite bored with it. To my surprise that seems to have changed, and our tour of the Stedelijk (which by the way is usually quiet, so an excellent alternative to the crowded Van Gogh or Rijksmuseums) was really good fun. Can't wait to take him to the Van Gogh exhibition at Tate Britain when it opens next year!

If you have a moment, watch the films in the Studio Drift link above, and my pictures will make much more sense.

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