2107 catch up part VIII

I've been meaning to go to Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder for years, but it was never a priority on the trips to Amsterdam with the boys. I wasn't convinced that Oomoo would find it interesting enough, and we'd have to speed through it (never fun!). Luckily I get to go on these solo trips to the city every now and again, just so I can get some girly time with my friend, as well as the chance to check out things in the city that an eight year old might find boring. This Catholic church from 1663 is hidden in the attic of an old merchant's house; the Netherlands was/is a Protestant country, but allowed people to practise Catholicism, as long as they didn't do it in public. There were several of these throughout Amsterdam at the time, but this is the only one that has survived. I'm a sucker for old museums like this one, and was impressed by the colours used, although they think that this colour scheme was added in the 19th century. I really recommend a visit, as apart from the church itself you can see how a (very wealthy) merchant would have lived at the time. More pics of the rest of the house itself to come!


  1. Herreminje, är han redan ÅTTA!!! Hinner inte med!
    Superfina bilder, vilket ställe. Kram!

    1. Ja. helt galet! 8?? Fattar ingenting.

      Du skulle säkert gilla det här stället! Jättefint! Glad att du gillar bilderna. Kram!


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