2017 catch up part V

Some Amsterdam randoms (ish) from when I caught the train to my favourite city to hang out with my dear friend Z in September. The weather was perfect.

The first thing I did was cycle down to the Van Gogh museum to take a harder look at his paintings after having read "The Yellow House".

This Camille Pissaro picture in the museum was an example of other artists trying out the Neo-impressionist/Pointilist stipple technique. It really caught my eye - look at those colours!

A case displaying Van Gogh's collection of yarns that he combined to see how colours interacted when put next to each other. Clever.

I then met up with Z and checked out the terrace at the beautiful store Time & Style right before they closed for the day.

On another day I snapped this couple on Prinsengracht, walking past a house that I wouldn't mind getting the keys for. I also liked the guy's David Hasselhoff vibe :)

One of Z's pretty prints in the stairwell outside her flat. I've been nagging her about making more botanical prints and selling them for years. But she's a busy gal.

One of her many jobs is making sure everything runs smoothly at her other half's restaurant Rainarai. There's a steady stream of people taking pictures of these veg every day, so of course I had to take a pic too!

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