2017 catch up part VI

On one of the days in Amsterdam we cycled around Noord, the northern part of the city on the other side of the river Ij. It used to be a large industrial area which has been gentrified in the past few years, but it still feels a bit off the beaten track, as it's still mainly an area full of warehouses. There are couple of huge stores there that sell vintage furniture, and these pics are from Van Dijk en Ko, that made me wish I had a house to furnish, and unlimited funds for shipping huge wardrobes, display cabinets and kitchen larders over. We spent ages in there, and it was just as eccentric as you might be able to sense from my pictures. I wasn't in blog mode last year, so my picture taking was a bit scatter gun, and now I struggle to try and make sense of them contextually for you guys... Anyway, there were lots of strange displays (see pics 3 and 4), and finding the picture in pic 1 like that made me laugh out loud. It somehow felt very Dutch in there!

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