Down at the Gallery

A couple of weeks ago I watched a great documentary about the National Gallery on DVD, as I was too tired to go out on an art expedition myself. The film is three hours long, with no narrative, no talking heads and no voice over. It felt just as rewarding to watch it as it would have been walking around the gallery in person. I've been there plenty of times, but it was really interesting seeing what happens behind the scenes, especially in the restoration department. Last week I went down to the National Gallery to have a look round again, finding the art that had been featured in the film as well as snapping pics of my fellow visitors. Most large museums and art galleries here have free admission, which is lucky, as it's great to be able to re-visit gems like these over and over again. So maybe I should stop moaning about how crap London is now, eh?


  1. Thanks for the link to the film, I will definitely watch it!
    Again, there are not many places where museums are free but most importanlty so full of beautiful art. Besides all the marvellous parks, museums are the aspect of London I love most. I can't wait to re-visit them all this summer, yay!

    1. I hope you'll like the film! Some people might find it boring, but I've always been drawn to a slower pace and more unconventional ways of telling a story. And yes, it's a great privilege to be able to go to these places for free, especially now with all the cutbacks!